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Rent a hot desk for a month and hang out with like-minded peers. Or choose a high-tech green building as your new HQ. With more projects in development, the ideal office space is waiting for you.

Space For Startups

Finding a place for your startup can be challenging, having to balance between flexibility and affordability. Whether it’s a distraction-free workplace or an open, collaborative environment, there are many communities around Cyberjaya to set up home for your startup. 

Some of the spaces available are offered alongside an accelerator or incubator-type programme, so be sure to nail that elevator pitch before getting in touch with the facility owners. 


MaGIC’s mission is to build a vibrant community that empowers entrepreneurs to create sustainable, value-driven products and services. Its co-working space is designed to be a collaborative workspace for startups, and comes with fast Internet, office facilities and 3D printers. 


  • Daily Pass: MYR 30 - hot desk
  • Monthly Pass: MYR 150 - hot desk
  • Permanent Pass: MYR 200 (3 months minimum) - permanent desk with locker


i-mail  space@mymagic.my   i-web  Visit website

1337 Accelerator

Geared towards aspiring and existing startups in the app development space, 1337 Accelerator's co-working facility comes with fast Internet, access to test and R&D devices, hot showers, bunk beds, a gym and game room, and... wait for it – a well-stocked pantry. The space is open to successful teams under 1337 Accelerator's programme.


i-mail  info@1337ventures.net   i-web  Visit website 

Mad Incubator


Located within the grounds of the Multimedia University, lies the largest incubation facility in Cyberjaya. Owned by MAD Incubator, the MSC Malaysia Technology Commercialisation Centre provides shared Wi-Fi, a cafe, utilities and air-conditioning. 


  • Basic Room: MYR 2.50 per sq ft (not including electricity)
  • Room with Utilities: MYR 6 per sq ft


Startup@Cyberjaya is an incubator catered to new startups with a 1-3 man shop, ideally in the ideation, market validation and product development stage. It is designed as a co-working space to foster community, collaboration and commerce. Startup Hub@Cyberjaya’s co-working space is free to use by startups who subscribe to MAD Incubator’s Startup Incubation Programme.


i-phone+603 8311 9605i-mail  enquiry@incubator.com.my   i-web  Visit website
Enjoy the most advanced IT infrastructure for your business with a 99.9% guaranteed reliability.
2.50 PSF
Office rental rates in Cyberjaya start from MYR 2.50 per sq ft, inclusive of support services and building maintenance.
The SME Technopreneur Centre houses over 200 local IT companies, a gym, a Knowledge Centre, and cafeteria.
9 / 17
Nine percent of land in Cyberjaya is reserved for commercial purposes, with another 17% reserved as enterprise land.
As of Dec 2014, more than 67 buildings with 13 million sq ft of office space have so far been completed.

Space For Enterprise

The ideal starting point for small and medium enterprises, these high-tech office spaces offer the flexibility for growth at affordable rates. Most of the buildings come with convenient amenities like meeting rooms, board rooms, carparks, gym facilities, or a childcare centre. You can easily get to them via Cyberjaya’s Dedicated Transportation System (DTS) and Park & Ride. 

Owned and managed by Cyberview, the featured buildings below are equipped with world-class infrastructure and advanced telecommunication technologies with a 99.9% guaranteed reliability—great news for your business!

Rental Rate
(per sq ft)
Unit Size
(sq ft)
Shared Facilities
CoPlace 1
MYR 2.50
Min. 699 sq ft

CoPlace 2
MYR 2.50
Min. 613 sq ft

CoPlace 3
MYR 3.50
Min. 1,901 sq ft

SkyTech Tower 1
MYR 4.50
Avg. 26,000 sq ft

SkyTech Tower 2
MYR 4.50
Avg. 19,000 sq ft


CoPlace 1
CoPlace 2
CoPlace 3
SkyTech Tower 1
SkyTech Tower 2

  • SME Technopreneur Centre 3
    Ideal for SMEs in the midst of expansion, or who require larger spaces than boutique businesses. The four-storey office complex consists of 16 separate office units built around the idea of providing convenience at no compromise to flexibility.
  • SME Technopreneur Centre 1
    Facilities include shared boardrooms, meeting rooms, 24-hour security, free outdoor parking, Internet hotspots, and recreational facilities.
  • Cyberview 12A
    A dedicated twelve-storey office building with partially covered VIP car parks. Its north-south orientation allows sunlight to filter through its wide windows for natural lighting and sun shading devices all round make the building more energy and cost efficient.
  • SME Technopreneur Centre 2
    Facilities include shared boardrooms, meeting rooms, 24-hour security, free outdoor parking, Internet hotspots, and recreational facilities.
  • Cyberview 12
    A dedicated seven-storey office building that's designed to be energy saving and cost efficient. Solar windows provide natural lighting while sun shading devices reduce heat and running costs of mechanical ventilation. A 5-star rated High Tech Office Complex.


If you’re looking for other options for your innovation-based enterprise, look no further. The buildings listed here are MSC status-compliant, and ready to host Cyberjaya’s next big success story. 

Rental rates average between MYR 2.50 to MYR 5.50 per sq ft.

  • Shaftsbury Square iTech Tower
  • Quill Buildings
  • Century Square
  • Prima Avenue
  • AXIS Eureka
  • CBD Perdana
  • Neo Cyber
  • Enterprise Buildings


Looking for a specific space? Contact our friendly Cybercity Managers for assistance or email ccm@cyberview.com.my

Mohd Arzairy Ab Rahman
+603 8315 6078

Mohamed Shukri Draman
+603 8315 6130

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