Training & Workhops


Introducing Digital Creative (After School Edition), kids will involved in elements of creative multimedia such as graphic design, video production, animations, illustrations and many more. Kids will be exposed to the current technology, design thinking and creativity!

Our further collaborations with #MyDigitalMaker Weekly sessions in 4 months duration that cover all multimedia elements. 2 Hours for each sessions :
- Graphic Design (4 sessions) 
- Animation (4 sessions) 
- Illustrations (4 sessions) 
- Video Production (4 sessions) 

Contact us for further module details and how the sessions going to be. You can choose your own slot: 

- Weekdays (8pm-10pm) 
- Weekends (2pm - 4pm) 

SEAT ARE LIMITED FOR EVERY SLOT Open for kids ages 7-12 Laptop are optional (but advisble to bring your own laptop) 

Fee are RM299 per month (Free t-shirt!!) Register now to get early birds discount (RM260 per month) (UNTIL 24 JUNE 2018) 


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