Two Stars and A Wish Kindergarten

#1 Kindergarten & Day Care in Cyberjaya!
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Still searching for THE kindergarten? Check out Two Stars and A Wish Kindergarten Cyberjaya!

International Syllabus (Early Years Foundation Stage, UK) - Wholesome learning experience paired with fun-filled hands-on activities.  

Equipped Facilities - Open-classroom concept, spacious library, free play corner, science lab, mini garden, little musolla - all in a playful environment to stimulate effective learning. 

Children of The World- our students are a mix of local and expats from Maldives, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, India and UAE. A golden opportunity to understand diverse cultures. 

Parents And Children Together (PACT) - a monthly get together to empower parents to share their love and knowledge with the children. [See the sharing session in the video]

Iman for Little Hearts - Engaging practical and meaningful Islamic program for young Muslims. Nurturing the love for The Creator. 

Day Care Program - AfterSchool activities to keep them going. Extracurricular venture for that ‘added’ value.

Complimentary Parenting Workshops - Because education begins from home. Awesome parenting tips to tackle, understand and win the little hearts.

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